The belltower

Liprando Tower is a bell tower in typical Lombardian Romanesque style; it belonged to the Church of Most HolyTrinity, founded in 1075 by priest Liprando in a land he owned in the Borgo degli Ortolani’s area.

Under the protection of the Superintendence of Fine Arts, it is located in via Giannone 9; The current property (Gruppo Bordiga) purchased it in the early eighties by the curia of Milan and designed a development plan named Torre Liprando (Liprando Tower) .

The bell tower is structured on 4 floors, it is decorated with thick arched bricks and is completed by mullioned windows, that were closed in modern times  to consolidate the building. The sloping roof is well preserved.

Although in smaller dimensions, the tower is very similar to S. Satiro Belltower (located at the corner of Mazzini and Speronari streets) and to the twin S. Apollinare a Baggio. The bell tower of S. Satiro is, after that of St. Ambrose, the oldest in Milan, so as to be considered a prototype for the Lombard Romanesque style .

Il development plan provides for the analysis and the restoration of the tower.

The surrounding garden has direct access to Via Giannone and covers an area of ​​about 900 sqm. At the entrance is a plane tree that for 50 years guarantees shade and coolness to the garden, along with a cedar and several essences.