Development plan

After a long black-out, the development project was re-launched in July 2017, focusing both on the belltower and the garden.

The aim is to give the monument back to the ancient Borgo degli Ortolani, generating a positive impact on the economic and cultural life of the neighborhood.

Local government, organizations and business are engaged in the project.

The plan has been designed to make the garder accessible as soon as the possible in order to activate a funding plan to restore the belltower:

  1. new name: the belltower was part of the the Most Holy Trinity complex including a church and an oratory, demolished in the Seventies and rebuilt from scratch in Via Rosmini
  2. garden development and lighting: the maintenance level of the garden will be increased in order to be more accessible; trees and plants are spontaneous, jeopardizing the view of the belltower
  3. direct access from the street: the garden is currently accessible through the entrance to the building
  4. research and sharing, in partnership with univeristies and history institutes: a self-produced book is available but new papers shall be commissioned and shared with visitors
  5. cultural events, in partnership with organizations and communities:  the garden will be used as a venue for any event involving the local heritage and medieval interest
  6. partnership with tourist guides and tourism desks: the development plan has a meaning if the belltower is part of a shared knowledge process about Middleages in Milan, local crafts and traditions.

You can be part of the project!!! As a sponsor, a partner or a contributor. We’ll be more than happy to hear from you –>




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